I just returned from a three-day “snowshoe sufferthon” in the Mt Hood area with some old college friends and some new friends. There were 8 of us, plus 2 dogs (Titus and Dexter), and 4 sleds.

We journeyed into Cascade Huts’ White River Hut from the Barlow Pass Sno Park Friday afternoon. It was snowing pretty decently and the going was slow, especially learning how to pull sleds while snowshoeing/skiing. It took us the better part of 7 hours to make the 7.5 miles to the hut. Morale was low the first night as we all were completely exhausted.

Saturday was spent mainly sledding off of the roof of the cabin and tracking the number of beers consumed on our arms with sharpies. Pretty standard winter day in the woods.

Sunday, we packed up and were on the trail by 1000 hrs. We were back at the trailhead in only 4.5 hours, which defies explanation as it was mainly uphill on the way out. Upon further examination, the much lighter sleds (and only 3 of them on the way out instead of 4), and significantly improved conditions led to a far quicker pace.

I took my camera and cell phone, but really didn’t take many photos, which is regretful since I lugged them in about 16 miles in total.