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There’s something special about Yosemite Valley. And that’s not just me — there are millions of people that agree with me and seemingly all of them were jostling around in the park’s valley area Sunday. Add in a visit from the sitting U.S. president and you’ve got traffic.

That’s OK. The park was still stunning. Beautiful weather and gorgeous views. After lunch in a picnic area by the Merced River, Drew and I made our way up to short hike to the Lower Yosemite Falls. Since Titus was with us, and given the current national park rules regarding dogs, we were limited to this trail.

As the sun began to set, we headed up Glacier Point to catch sunset from what is probably the single most picturesque location I have ever been to. I found it extremely difficult to frame my shots due to not wanting to leave anything out. Breathtaking waterfalls, stunning granite features, and miles and miles of sharp mountains and valleys — Glacier Point has it firing on all cylinders.

As the final daylight faded, we cruised back down to Tunnel View to get some shots of El Capitan illuminated by moon.