I woke to snow falling against the rear glass of my camper shell. The mild temperatures of the night had plummeted and now it was absolutely frigid.

Our decision to burn through all 4 bundles of firewood the night before was seeming more and more ill-advised. I willed myself to get dressed and start cooking breakfast. The snow seemed to lighten up and the others emerged from their tent.

As we broke camp, the temps seemed to drop suddenly again and the snow began in earnest. By the time I rolled up my first awning, I couldn’t feel my fingers, which made working the zippered cover pretty tricky.

We exited Alabama Hills and had a quick pow-wow as we aired up our tires in preparation for highway travel. I wanted to take a spin through Death Valley, having never been there. Drew and friends agreed and we set our sites on the nearby national park. It was an easy drive over and as we crested each pass, the sun became warmer and warmer and soon we forgot all about the snow from that morning.

The Mesquite Flat Dunes were pretty cool. Definitely heavily trafficked as they sit directly adjacent to the main road through that portion of the park, but if you wander in far enough, it is possible to find untracked slopes, even toward the end of the day.

Drew took the film camera for this little “hike” so I’ll add those after I get them developed.