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From Eagle Lake, it was about a 5 hour journey up through the forgotten back roads of California and Oregon to Crater Lake, my next destination. Previously, all my travels through this slice of Northern California had happened on the Five, not the 395/139 highways. This is a very different feel: Remote, dusty. It’s easy to imagine a pretty hard life out here.

Crater Lake is all it’s cracked up to be. It’s inconceivable how blue that water truly is, and photos hardly do it justice. I spent a fair amount of time recharging in the hammock in my campsite while Titus rested in the cool shady areas he could find. Again, back in a national park, dogs aren’t allowed off any paved pathways so our “hiking” was very limited. Unfortunately, the East Rim drive was still closed due to snow so we couldn’t make a full lap around the lake.

I spent the night in Mazama Village CG, only the second paid night of camping this trip. Not bad!