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From Crater Lake, I headed north to catch up with my good friends Garrett and Kristin in Bend, Oregon. They were just returning from a week-long trip out to some remote areas of Utah/Arizona and the timing worked out for me to swing by. They weren’t expecting to be back in town until mid-afternoon, so I took my time from Crater Lake, which isn’t all that far from Bend.

Garrett suggested I check out the Cascade Lakes Highway, and it did not disappoint. I hiked Devils Lake and stopped for a classic view of Mt Bachelor from Sparks Lake before heading back toward Bend and hiking to the summit of Tumalo Mountain.

I had been to the top of Tumalo about a year and a half prior, done as a snowshoe, but the views were severely limited due to the low clouds. Today was different. From the top, 360-degree views were available, from Mt Bachelor to the south, working clockwise around to South Sister, shrouded in clouds, to Broken Top, to the Bend Valley falling away to the north and east. Titus did the whole hike off-leash and had a blast orbiting me and playing the remaining snow patches. I cautioned him to pace himself at elevation, but he paid my warning no heed and “went hard” all the way up the trail. He’s gonna pay dearly for that tomorrow with soreness.