My beautiful  fiancé, Hannah, surprised me with an adventure date day (the best kind of date!). We first hit the road north to loop up and around to Deception Pass. It’s a quintessential PNW spot and surprisingly close to my place in Snohomish.

The weather was classic Seattle grey, but our spirits couldn’t be dampened by a little drizzle. Plus, atmospheric conditions generally lend themselves to better (read: more moody) photos. Deception Pass is nothing short of staggering in any light/weather and I absolutely love it.

We parked just south of the second span and dropped down the stairs to the trail system and attempted to go east on Goose Rock loop trail to get a view from the east but it wasn’t happening. After a few minutes, we about-faced and headed down the 0.3 mile trail to North Beach. Classic rugged Washington coastline with a crazy bridge rising in the background. This place sells itself. With the weather fairly inhospitable, we retreated to the car and ventured further south.

Our second stop was for a tasting at Whidbey Island Distillery. Super cool, laid-back vibe in their tasting room called “The Bunker”. Our pourer showed us the three, 24-hour continuous, computer-controlled, wi-fi-enabled stills (whaaaattt?!) and talked us through their specific processes before a sampling of their quite delicious product. The rye whiskey was unbelievably smooth. Then we tasted four liqueurs: blackberry, raspberry, loganberry, and boysenberry. The taste was superb and deep, without any syrup-y or over-sugared feel. Hannah had found a simple groupon that allowed us to keep a complimentary set of tasting glasses, get some dark chocolate and enjoy a small, lemonade/liqueur cocktail. Perfect.

After the tasting, we continued the loop down to the ferry at the south end of Whidbey to head for home and the rest of the day. It was a perfect little adventure.