Just a spur-of-the-moment hike up to Heather Lake. It’s a classic, but a good one. And a nice breath of fresh air this morning. It started pretty crisp and cold, but the temperature had risen by the time Titus and I reached the lake itself and though there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, it was a very pleasant morning. The last half-mile of the trail was totally snow-covered and fairly icy in spots, but it was set up hard and with no post-holing, the going was pretty easy actually. And the payoff was well worth it. Forty minutes to the top, including several photo breaks.

The lake was 95% frozen over still, so we walked out to the center and just stood in the silence for a bit. Well, I did. Titus frolicked, completely unaware that we was dancing around on a slow-covered lake, which would have completely terrified him had he realized it.

I snapped a few photos while Titus ran around and took little bites out of the snow (his classic move), then we headed back down to the truck. We met a few folks on the way down, and two other off-leash dogs. Everyone was friendly and genuinely pumped to be out and about on such a beautiful morning.

There’s never a bad day in the mountains.