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Titus and I invited my brother Stephen along for a day hike up to the summit of nearby Mt Dickerman. This was a first-ascent for all three of us and the day couldn’t have been any nicer for it. It started cool in the morning, but the crystal clear skies made for stunning 360-degree views from the peak.

The trail begins from the east end of the Perry Lake parking lot on the Mountain Loop Highway out of Granite Falls and climbs quickly via seemingly endless switchbacks. Once you attain the ridge, the trail becomes much more interesting and the views come more frequently. The trail wraps around and up the left shoulder of Mt Dickerman and then climbs through several lingering snowfields to the summit. Gaining 4,000′ elevation in just over 4 miles, this isn’t an easy hike, but the rewards are well worth it.

As always, going down is harder, but it doesn’t take long due to the relatively short distance. It’s great to finally bag this summit that’s been on my list for several years now.