I guess today was the day I became a true Seattle-ite, having now actually hiked Rattlesnake Ledge. The trail is classic PNW fare and the payoff is tremendous, which makes sense, given its immense popularity. My friends Garrett and Kristin are in town (Kristin is working), but Garrett and I had the morning to explore and this seemed like a doable objective. With Garrett’s light pack (not prepared for long hikes during his visit to Seattle), and my still-broken arm, this hike fit the bill.

Feels good to have checked it off. Even got #titusadventuredog some trail time, though he had to stay on-leash due to the trail’s busy-ness and the trail work going on. Big shout out to the trail crew(s) working there today — It was looking great, and is a big contribution to the quality of the PNW’s trails. Thank you!