Why is it short notice trips lead to the best kind of adventures? That’s what I’ve found to be true on more than one occasion. Currently, sitting in my buddy’s living room after a long and fruitful adventure Mtb day in the greater Leavenworth area.

The day started early with a quick stop in Snohomish to pick up my cousin Scott (Utah Expedition 2015 copilot) and we were driving to the sun.

Concrete Nate
Nine-thirty found us pulling up to the construction site of my friend Keith who is building his new house just outside of Leavenworth. Today was concrete day and we gave a quick and back-breaking hand to help him get his garage slab poured. Many jokes were made about the concrete alter ego of each of us, mostly Nate. You had to be there. Trust me, it was funny. And nonstop.

Tibbetts Mountain
After that, it was mountain time. Nate, Scott, and I headed east for a hike up Tibbetts Mountain. This is a steep and long trail with a lot of big features and a pretty solid ridge ride section. Unfortunately, the final push to the top was completely snowed out, but when you round up ⅞, you get 1. So we started from the top.

The views afforded from the hike up are well worth the sweat and burned calories.


Tres Hombres
After Tibbets, and some lunch, it was time for the legendary Tres Hombres DH trail. Due to time constraints, we pushed up this trail as well instead of shuttling to the top. Tomorrow, we hope to check out the upper portion of the trail.

After about 30 minutes of climbing, Nate and wife Teara split off and headed back down for some family obligations. Scott and I continued up. We worked our way north along the spine of the ridge and found some cool features to session.

The sun had arced pretty far over and the long shadows and golden sunlight set a perfect mood. It was a glorious descent.


Back to Life
Back in town, we hit up the Icicle River Brewery for some well-deserved beers. Perhaps a hot tub sesh is in order tonight. Legs tired, face a little sunburned, killer day.

Leavenworth Overlook
Spur of the moment drive to a nearby overlook of south Leavenworth with some amazing mountain views behind.


More tomorrow.