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These past few days at Whistler Mountain Bike Park have been unreal. My skill and confidence on a bike, moving over roots or complicated trails or hurtling through the air, has increased exponentially. Tracking my stats, I completed 39 laps on the mountain, progressing from blue-square trails to a white-knuckled lap on Whistler’s famous “A Line” trail to starting to get comfortable pedaling into huge dips and then up seemingly vertical faces into the air. What a rush.

I had an absolute blast with Nate (coworker and friend) and his whole family, and cousin Scott who made it up for 2 days.

Side note: I think I could probably use a little more color in my biking getup. Thoughts?

Full disclosure: this photo was not taken by me. This is me in the photo, doing the A Line rock drop. This photo was taken by Coast Mountain Photography.