There’s never a bad day in the backcountry, but some days are just better than others.

Today was that day.

Finally able to put some snow under my new splitboard set up (sorry skiing — I really tried), I was excited about the prospect of seeing if it would all live up to the hype. Spoiler alert: it totally does. I’m far more confident on a snowboard, but really enjoy untracked powder and the concept of “earning turns”. The Jones Solution splitboard paired with Karakoram Prime SL bindings was just what the doctor ordered. The kit worked great and with a pair of Black Diamond skins under the splitboard planks, it was pretty easy to get around.

Well, neverminding the fact that my friend and guide, Eric Jones (no relation to the snowboard), pointed us straight up Mount Herman across from Mount Baker’s Artist Point area, it was an easy day. After a pretty hefty elevation gain, we stopped to regroup and grab lunch at the summit of Herman before reassembling our boards and kicking over the edge. What a ride! Easily the most fun I’ve had in the snow. It was intoxicating.

Ten out of ten. WILL do again.