Icicle Escape II

Happy 2020!

Weird to say, weirder to type, but here we are. My wife and a small group of family and I are doing a “Hundred Club” for January. Essentially, each person picks an exercise they want to do 100 reps of that day — push-ups, mountain-climbers, pull-ups, etc. Well, today, I chose squats… intermixed with going steep up Icicle Canyon’s northern wall.

We boot-packed up for about an hour, gaining more than 1,000′ above the road. It was fun to get Titus out. He’s surprisingly good at picking out a trail in the snow and generally makes better line choices than I do. I can’t get enough of this area and am so thankful that it’s minutes from our house.

Side note: I’m seriously going to run out of post titles involving “Icicle” before long.

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